Cochrane Light Up Is November 23, 2019!

This year Cochrane “LIGHTS UP” on November 23!  Bring the whole family and help us celebrate the start of the Christmas season with our amazing community.  Whether you are interested in participating as a sponsor, a volunteer, or an attendee, we welcome you!

Date : November 23, 2019   4:30 – 7:30 pm

What To Bring : Just yourselves.  Remember, November nights can be chilly, so dress in warm layers.  Don’t forget the toques and mitts!  (FREE hot chocolate, hot dogs and bonfires will help as well.)

Should I Bring my Dog?  Don’t get us wrong, we love dogs.  In fact, many of us are dog owners.  However, this year, we’re suggesting that, for the comfort of your dog, they might be happier (and safer) at home.   As Cochrane Light Up (and Cochrane itself) grows, we are seeing much larger crowds.  This can be really overwhelming for dogs.  Also, there will be lots of little kids holding hot dogs at the dogs’ eye level.  Would your dog be able to resist that temptation and be ok with ALL those strangers?  Please consider leaving them at home this year?  If you do bring your dog, please take them home by 7 pm at the latest.  We are planning to end the evening with a BANG at 7:30 and, if your dog is afraid of thunder or fireworks, they will NOT like what we have planned!  (The hayride horses are leaving at 7 pm as well, for this very reason!)

Where To Park : Coming soon!  Stay tuned for information on COLT route information.

If you have questions or comments, we would love to hear from you!